Rostro de Cristo begins to send out applications in mid December with an application deadline in February. Starting January 1, submitted applications will be reviewed and if the applicant is a good match for the program a personal interview with one or all of the Rostro de Cristo staff will be set up. The acceptance process continues through the end of April. Accepted applicants will attend a two week orientation starting mid-July and leave for Ecuador in early August. If you have any further questions about Rostro de Cristo’s volunteer program, its requirements, or details about the application process, please refer to our FAQ, details on our application process, our volunteer program at a glance or contact the RdC Fellow.

To become a year-long Rostro de Cristo and request an application please complete the following steps:

  1. Review the information regarding our application process.
  2. Review the information regarding our volunteer program.
  3. Request an application by contacting the RdC Fellow, Chris Kambhu at (617) 746-5893 or