“For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles will be exalted”
(Mt. 23:12).

Over 200 volunteers have participated in the Rostro de Cristo Volunteer Program which offers young men and women, usually college graduates between the ages of 21–25, an opportunity to live, work and pray in community in Durán and Guayaquil, Ecuador

Over the course of a year volunteers live out Christian values including charity, sacrifice, patience, humility, faith, perseverance, simplicity and love. While in Ecuador volunteers focus on building faith and living in community with each other and those with whom they work.  Participants live and work among the poor, forming relationships with them built on respect and love.

Opportunities for ministry include teaching, tutoring, facilitating after-school programs, community outreach and organizing, leading retreat groups, assisting in parish activities, working at a hospital for Hansen’s Disease, and working with social services agencies.

The emphasis in the Rostro de Cristo program is always on being with the people and not doing for them.  The focus is on forming relationships, which serve as the most powerful and profound means of expressing God’s love to each other.

For further information or to request and application please visit the Apply page on our website.

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