“I have participated in numerous experiences, over my years in and out of the United States. This was by far the best because of the group I was with, the structure of the experience, and the depth of the people we met. I look at my other experiences and think, we role in and set up life like we live everyday in another location. In Rostro – we were living a significantly different lifestyle and that help open up my heart and mind.”
-2012 Group Leader

The Rostro de Cristo Retreat Program has offered over 3,000 participants from high schools, universities, parishes and seminaries an opportunity to live, work and pray in community in Ecuador for a period of seven days to two weeks.

Groups live in retreat houses designed and built for the program within two neighborhoods on the outskirts of Guayaquil. Emphasis is placed on being with members of the local community rather than doing for them, building relationships and developing a greater understanding of the reality of Ecuadorians, through visits and dialogue.

Rostro de Cristo works with various partners across the cities of Durán and Guayaquil which retreat participants may visit, including: Fundacion Nuevo Mundo, a progressive bilingual school for the disadvantaged of Durán and Guayaquil and Hogar de Cristo, an international Jesuit organization that provides affordable housing and social services to the poor. In addition, Rostro de Cristo has founded and runs after-school programs, which groups visit and participate in.

Retreat participants share activities to maintain living quarters, including trips to the local market, cooking and cleaning. Groups are invited to participate in parish liturgy and make time for daily prayer and reflection.

It is our hope that through these experiences, young people will touch, taste, smell, see and feel how the developing world lives and be forever changed.   The retreat program is thus devoted to inspiring life-long commitments to service, faith and social justice.

Rostro de Cristo invites the participation of men and women from U.S. high schools, universities, parishes, seminaries, and various other associations into our retreat program. Group size is normally between ten and fourteen people. At least one person in the group should speak Spanish.

Retreats ordinarily last seven to ten days, depending on the time of year, including two days for travel.

Throughout their time in Durán or Guayaquil, guests will mingle with the people in the community and spend a number of hours each day visiting and learning from community programs.  Group members will also share activities to maintain the living quarters: shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc.  Each evening will culminate with a group reflection.

Groups are encouraged to make time for prayer and reflection daily, as well as to participate in the parish liturgy. The experience will be enhanced according to the willingness of participants to share thoughts, feelings and experiences before, during, and after with other participants and their communities.

The cost is $600 per person, plus air fare. Cost should not be an obstacle; funding information is available. U.S. passport is required, but a Visa is not required. While no shots are necessary for entry, consultation with your physician is recommended.

Some resources to prepare you for your experience in Ecuador.

Additional Information
To learn more about how your group can participate in our retreat program email the RdC Fellow or contact Rostro de Cristo at: (617)-746-5892

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