Mission Statement

Rostro de Cristo is a Catholic program that provides spiritual and educational opportunities for people of faith to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of Ecuador. Our name, the Face of Christ in English, reflects the vision that calls us to a new awareness and desire to love others in the likeness of Christ. It fosters an encounter with Christ. It compels a response from every person involved in Rostro de Cristo – volunteers, retreatants, supporters, and directors. And, it inspires our mission:

The Rostro de Cristo program invites participants from the United States to:

  • Be in relationship with the Ecuadorian people and reflect on the face of Christ in their joys and struggles.
  • Support the Ecuadorian People in their work to meet basic human needs and achieve a justice rooted in Gospel values in their developing communities.
  • Lead a simple lifestyle, build an intentional Christian community, and immerse themselves in the local culture and reality with respect and humility.

In this way, Rostro de Cristo participants witness the Gospel and serve as a source of hope and light in the community. These experiences inspire and reinforce the lifelong commitment of our participants to serve others, work for justice, and live in solidarity with the people of Ecuador and the world.