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    Watch a video created by University of Detroit Jesuit High School's RdC retreat participants.

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    Everyday reading and reflections.

  • Mind Your Body, Work Your Soul

    Check out the book written by Alumni Volunteer Clare Acosta Matos.

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  • Former Volunteer

    Alumni Volunteer,
    Tom Rodger

"Volunteering broadened my perspective and changed the way I see the world on every level. It was a commitment, an opportunity, a struggle and a passion. It taught me to dig deeper with the patient grace of the every day moment. I left with bonds that cannot be broken, with people I will always carry with me."


Meet our Volunteers

  • Volunteer

    Current Volunteer,
    David Gaillardetz

"With a small six year old in my arms, we slowly turned in circles watching the fireworks, looking at the burning viejos, hearing the shouting of Feliz Año, seeing other hope filled neighbors and community members dancing and looking skyward. I am so unbelievably blessed here in Monte Sinaí, Ecuador. And just when I start to forget it, that reality bursts forth and iluminates my every interaction here. Truly the gate of Heaven is everywhere,"

  • Volunteer

    Current Volunteer,
    Stephanie Allen

"So for all of the things my privilege has kept me from, it has also given me this: my privilege has provided me the incredible blessing of being here, of being with, of being witness. And so I can tell you now: I've seen something, I've experienced something, and I'm not afraid to share it"

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