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    Alumni Volunteer, Scott Pyzik

"The experience of being a volunteer in Ecuador through Rostro has caused me to humbly rethink what it means to be and see the face of God. I feel a call to adopt the same radical generosity and hospitality of our neighbors, as to enter more deeply into relationship with others. And although separated by distance now, I can’t help but glimpse my familia ecuatoriana in the occurrences of my everyday life."


Our 2015-2016 Volunteers

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    2015-16 Volunteer,
    Jackie Sardina

One word to describe how I have been feeling lately would be thankful. I am surrounded by poverty, but I am so thankful to be here to be able to share life and love with my neighbors. The more and more I spend time with them I feel like I am becoming a part of their families. Last week one family told me that even though I am far from my real family, they were my Ecuadorian family. I am learning more about their family history, their joys and their struggles. I come home every day exhausted but so feeling very blessed that I get to spend my time so freely with all the people I love in Monte Sinai. To read more:

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