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    Alumni Volunteer, Scott Pyzik

"The experience of being a volunteer in Ecuador through Rostro has caused me to humbly rethink what it means to be and see the face of God. I feel a call to adopt the same radical generosity and hospitality of our neighbors, as to enter more deeply into relationship with others. And although separated by distance now, I can’t help but glimpse my familia ecuatoriana in the occurrences of my everyday life."


Our 2015-2016 Volunteers

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    2015 Volunteer,
    Cheyenne Palmer

This month has been a busy one for the volunteers in Ecuador. In the early weeks of November, Arbolito and Monte Sinai had been preparing to host two groups from the St. John Paul II High School throughout the week of Thanksgiving. During that same week, the communities received an uplifting visit from Father Jim Ronan, the founder of Rostro de Cristo. Father Ronan made an effort to talk to all of the volunteers individually to find out how each one of them was doing at this point in the experience. He held a small mass for the volunteers and retreatants in the Monte Sinai community and then held a larger mass for all retreatants, volunteers, and RdC staff at Nuevo Mundo before the annual Thanksgiving Dinner. This mass was a wonderful kick-off to the incredible dinner hosted by Pat and Sonya in celebration of Thanksgiving in Ecuador. The dinner was absolutely delicious and what made the food even better was the good company that surrounded it all. Before the dinner was served, Pat gave the crowd some “food for thought” first. She presented a question which turned into a reflection, and then into a challenge that would be carried throughout the year until the following Thanksgiving holiday. The challenge is to turn the term “thanksgiving” into a verb… make that word into an actual action that you can put in play every single day of this upcoming year. This challenge really went hand in hand with the gospel and reflection on this day. “He fell at the feet of Jesus and thanked him.” Luke 17:11-19. The reflection that follows is based on Gratitude. “Gratitude is a natural reaction to what God has done and is doing in our lives. But it is not just the words we say. As powerful as the words ‘thank you’ can be, our actions always speak louder. Therefore our prayer of thanks should include the way that we live our lives. The leper went back, threw himself down at Jesus’ feet in an act of reverence and devotion...” Maybe you can find the time to reflect and take upon this challenge for the rest of your year too. See what difference a small act of thanksgiving can make in your life and in the lives of others around you. November seems to have flown by, but did not fail to leave the communities of Monte Sinai and Arbolito with a heightened awareness of all that they have to be thankful for especially here in Ecuador. As this year is coming to an end the volunteers are moving forward with their thanksgiving challenge and preparing to bring in the New Year with all of the beautiful neighbors in their communities.

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