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    Alumni Volunteer, Scott Pyzik

"The experience of being a volunteer in Ecuador through Rostro has caused me to humbly rethink what it means to be and see the face of God. I feel a call to adopt the same radical generosity and hospitality of our neighbors, as to enter more deeply into relationship with others. And although separated by distance now, I can’t help but glimpse my familia ecuatoriana in the occurrences of my everyday life."


Our 2015-2016 Volunteers

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    2015-16 Volunteer,
    Jackie Sardina

It was 6:58pm, on a typical Saturday night in Monte Sinai, Ecuador and Meghan, Hannah, and I were visiting a neighbor we had never visited before. We were in the kitchen chatting about the upcoming start of the school year, having just prepared a chicken and rice dinner with Ziola and two of her kids, when the cement block walls began to tremble. She told us “es un terremoto!” (it’s an earthquake!) and we scurried to the nearest doorway. From the doorway I watched as the cement walls undulated in waves and for a moment I thought the whole wall of blocks was going to fall over. We kept thinking the shaking would end and she kept comforting us, “tranquilo, tranquilo” (stay calm, stay calm) but it went on for almost 40 seconds. ... That night a 7.8 earthquake hit the coast of Ecuador, causing over 660 deaths , 6274 injuries and 28,678 homes destroyed. A bridge had fallen in Guayquil and crushed a man driving below. The country and people I have come to love were in a state of emergency. In a way I had never experienced before, I felt like the Spirit of the whole country had been hit. Every conversation I had that week began with “where were you when the earthquake hit?” “were you scared?” “Do you know anyone affected?” Our neighbors looked through their possessions for what they could donate and many trekked to the site of the destruction to help with the relief efforts and carry water and food to those who were in need. People were praying , giving, and caring. The spirit of generosity that I saw emerge almost universally from the Ecuadorian people was inspiring. Read more...

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