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  • Former Volunteer

    Alumni Volunteer,
    Tom Rodger

"Volunteering broadened my perspective and changed the way I see the world on every level. It was a commitment, an opportunity, a struggle and a passion. It taught me to dig deeper with the patient grace of the every day moment. I left with bonds that cannot be broken, with people I will always carry with me."


Our 2014-2015 Volunteers

  • Volunteer

    Alumni Volunteer,
    Scott Pyzik

"Whether it’s the stories that get told with ease, those that get shared through broken and stumbling Spanish, those that receive a change-of-the-conversation instead of an explanation, or the ones that don’t get told at all because of the scratches of life, we all still want someone to be there. We want someone to laugh with and to put up with not knowing how the scene will play out... In our everyday lives, we want someone who chooses to be there."

  • Volunteer

    Alumni Volunteer,
    Emily Kane

"I have been forced to reevaluate my own life, and the role I play in the larger world around me in new and surprising ways. I am learning that God does not only love us in our attempts at perfection or what we can do well- God loves us in our brokenness and our powerlessness and our incompleteness. Acknowledging that fact is something counter-cultural for many of us, because we have been raised to think that any motion other than up, is bad."

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